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Egg-stremely Good Extra Credit Spanish Tortilla – by Darya Mead

I often make a lot of scrambled eggs, quiche or meringue this time of year and thought this might be a good option for those blowing out their eggs for Easter egg decoration.

A Turnips Turn, by Darya Mead, Well Kiddos’ mom, writer and editor

Turnips are not the sexiest vegetable and often a symbol in kids’ literature of poverty and hard times. The bulbous root vegetable is cheap, filling and many think bland… I beg to differ. Now, they are sometimes called rutabagas and the white and purple hued exterior I find quite pleasing to look at. Sometimes used […]

Darya’s Ukrainian Borscht Recipe

We try to eat with the seasons, forgoing strawberries in February or pumpkin lattes in May. We also like to bake and cook in accordance with holidays or rituals; macaroons for Passover, corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day and noodles signifying long life in the Chinese tradition around Chinese New Year! What about cooking or […]

Peach Picking in Brentwood

Another culinary adventure featured by Darya Mead. This time she explores Brentwood Ca. to pick peaches.

Keep Your Family Healthy Through The Flu Season

by Dr. Elisa Song – Healthy Kids- Happy Kids As the flu season approaches, every parent wants to know the same thing… What can I do to keep my family healthy? As of the middle of November, flu activity across the United States is minimal, and below baseline activity compared with other years. While I […]